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Asymmetry Attacks


Named after the Dutch East India Company. This attack uses an old financial technology invented by Dutch merchants in the early 17th century, called a Limited Liability Corporation. A technology first created to institutionalize the process of capturing land and people and turning their bodies into money. But in an asymmetric manner. The results of this early modern form of data processing concentrated power into the hands of its shareholders and to its shareholders alone. The benefits to the local economy spurred the passage of laws that protected the interests of these shareholders. Who were obligated to act in the interests of this system. Creating an imbalance which led to the subjugation and extermination of entire people groups around the globe.

The act of placing a majority of Grassland's processing power and data into the hands of this 400 year old technology is an attack that reestablishes this colonialist system. Since Grassland provides them with enormous opportunity to "complete the job" this should be approached as a M.A.D. scenario.