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Because of the hashing algorithms Grassland uses, like SHA256 and RIPEMD (the same hashing algorithms bitcoin uses), even if you had a computer the size of our galaxy, it would take that computer from now till the heat death of the universe till it could brute force the hash produced from the activations of just one video frame passed through the artificial neural network

And the block with data from the most number of nodes that don't contradict one another, (if your node's neural network determines that it's raining, a yellow mazda is driving west in front of you, and the solar azimuth of the sun determined by the shadows cast from buildings corresponds with your camera's calibration and geo-coordinates and time of day for that block, it won't get into the next block unless none of that contradicts with the outputs of any other node in that block) , is the block that all the nodes will eventually achieve consensus on.

Since without nodes spending computational resources, the arborists doing an enormous amount of computation to put all that node data into blocks (checking the hashes themselves, making sure nothing contradicts, etc.) any computer, drone, self driving car etc. etc using Grassland for its vision has no idea which node to trust, and since those arborists and all the nodes are financed and incentivized with that coin, the value of the coin is equal to the value of having any internet connected machine being able to internalize, understand, recreate and interact intuitively with both past and present states of the real world without the need for trust.