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* [[Public vs Private Networks]]
* [[Public vs Private Networks]]
* [[Attacks]]
* [[Attacks]]
* [[Alien Jewellery Store analogy]]
* [[Cure for Its Own Disease principle]]

== Meta: Wiki Help ==
== Meta: Wiki Help ==

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Welcome To The Grassland Wiki

Grassland is a peer-to-peer network of robot vision software that scans video feed from any single-viewpoint camera to generate a searchable, timestamped, real-time, 3D simulation of the world.

Grassland is open-source and isn't owned or controlled by anyone. It's politically stateless and neutral - anyone can take part. Every node in the network has a permissionless and public API giving any external application or computer free access to Grassland data across the entire network. This lets any internet connected object trustlessly internalize, understand and interact intuitively with both past and present states of the real world.

Grassland is self-organizing, self-correcting and self-financing.


Meta: Wiki Help

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